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Hold Fauci and Co-Conspirators Accountable For Murderous Coverup

Hold Fauci and Co-Conspirators Accountable For Murderous Coverup

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Hold Fauci and Co-Conspirators Accountable For Their Murderous Coverup

In confessing he conspired with Tony Fauci to hide the Wuhan lab origin of the COVID-19 virus from President Trump and the American people, Dr. Robert Kadlec has called for “accountability.”  Congress and the Department of Justice should take Kadlec up on that offer while every presidential candidate should promise to bring Fauci and his co-conspirators to a quick and rough justice.Kadlec is no slouch, no Cassidy Hutchinson-type secretary offering salacious gossip for 15 minutes of fame.  As Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at Health and Human Services, Kadlec played a key role in developing the COVID-19 vaccine through Operation Warp Speed. 

I met Bob Kadlec in February of 2020 at the dawn of the pandemic as I began intense efforts at the White House to ready our country for the Chinese Communist whirlwind that might engulf us.  In my first interaction, Bob was uncooperative.  However, he quickly changed his tune after a “don’t mess with Trump’s White House” terse exchange. 

Bob was one of the few in our health care bureaucracy taking the threat seriously early in the pandemic.  I, along with POTUS himself, were among the very few in the White House who grasped COVID-19’s potential seriousness.   Together, Bob and I would do some very good work shoring up our personal protective equipment supply chains and advancing initiatives like those involving COVID-19 treatments, e.g.,  monoclonal antibodies.   

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I’m not shocked by Kadlec’s confession that Fauci lied and Americans died – I have documented Fauci’s serial treacheries in my White House memoirs In Trump Time and Taking Back Trump’s America.  However, I am shocked that Kadlec, a former Air Force physician, would conspire with Fauci in the most deadly cover-up in American history.

Here’s how I explained the catastrophic consequences in my memoirs: “If Fauci had simply come clean, President Trump would have demanded that President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party immediately reveal the truth about the virus and, most importantly, release the original genome of the virus China’s scientists had genetically engineered.

I cannot overstate how important this single act of transparency on the part of Communist China would have been. The quasi-vaccines that have been developed to fight the Wuhan virus have turned out to be both primitive and dangerous instruments.  These mRNA quasi-vaccines are not true and safe vaccines like those for small pox and polio but, as Dr. [Robert] Malone and I have explained [in the Washington Times], they are merely leaky and non-durable gene-therapy technologies with a wide range of very dangerous side effects.

If, on the other hand, with the benefit of the original genome, we had known from the beginning what we were up against, our vaccine strategy would have been far more complex, effective, and safe. Millions of lives around the world could have been saved.” 

As Kadlec tells it to Sky News’ Sharri Markson, Fauci engineered his murderous cover-up to protect his reputation.  He wanted to hide at all costs that he had funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology to conduct its bioweapons research.  Fauci also wanted to bury the fact he had transferred cutting edge “gain of function” technologies to Communist Chinese researchers like the infamous Shi Zhengli.  This so-called “bat lady” would use Fauci’s  Frankenstein tools to turn benign viruses from nature into microscopic monsters capable of killing humans in the most agonizing of ways.

Yet, there is more to this story than Kadlec lets on.  Fauci, together with his NIH boss Francis Collins, no doubt engineered his cover-up as part of his broader push to develop a vaccine that would earn billions of dollars for Fauci’s Big Pharma benefactors. 

As for Kadlec, Bob would always agree with me in private that hydroxychloroquine – a Trump favorite -- was one of our cheapest and most effective COVID-19 treatments.  Yet, Kadlec, would never go public with that view, much less pressure the FDA’s Stephen Hahn or Fauci to stand down on their hydroxy opposition. 

In the meantime, legacy media pundits, led by CNN’s anchor John Berman, shamelessly peddled Fauci’s hydroxy hysteria.   Hundreds of thousands of Americans denied hydroxychloroquine by their own government, and afraid of the medicine, would needlessly die. 

In the end, hydroxy hysteria was just one more way for Fauci, Big Pharma and Kadlec himself to advance their broader vaccine agenda.  For once the FDA pulled the Emergency Use Authorization for hydroxychloroquine – against the direct orders of President Trump – the FDA could then issue an EUA for the vaccine.  

In closing, lest anyone question the claim that the vaccine itself has, on net, harmed far more people than it has helped, let me point you to the excellent work of analysts like Ed Dowd, the aforementioned Dr. Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Steven Hatfill who collectively have documented the carnage. 

Peter Navarro served in the Trump White House as manufacturing czar and chief China strategist.  Joe Biden’s weaponized Department of InJustice is currently trying to put Peter in prison. If they can come for Peter, they can come for you.

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