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Apr 24, 2023·edited Apr 24, 2023

They seem to be packing government payrolls with fellow travelers, True Believers and policy sycophants. It's an approach to purging administrative entities and installing a rigid monoculture; a culture of group think and the insidious mediocrity that comes with the personality disorders that are selected for and promoted to positions of internal authority.

Pure evil. It's a means of theft; stealing the institutions of the nation out from under the American People for the apparent benefit of usurpers with malign intent, resulting in an institutional psychopathy more normalized than before.

I used to feel sorry for all these youngers who were robbed of a classical education by fiat of cultural indoctrination. Now I realize how naive I was. They were being prepared as a domestic 5th Column. They were on track to be the soldiers; the enforcers of a new hybrid of institutional usurpation of individual rights, due process and equal protection under the law. One must have such a veritable army of useful idiots without conscience to effect and sustain such a theft.

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